Affordable Nitrogen Generator Featured in Sample Prep Perspective Column

Columnist Dougles E. Raynie, Associate Professor at South Dakota State University rounds up the latest sample preparation products and accessories in LCGC magazine, Sample Prep Perspective – Organomation’s new NITRO-GEN nitrogen generator made the list of new sample preparation products for 2020.

The new nitrogen gas generator uses a hollow-fiber membrane to convert compressed air into 95–99% pure nitrogen gas at up to 20 liters per minute.

Designed for various lab applications, such as LCMS and blanketing, the new generator provides nitrogen gas at a fraction of the cost of cylinders and competing generators on the market.

No electricity is required as it runs off of the pressure provided by the compressed air source.

The gas generator couples with Organomation nitrogen blowdown evaporators up to 48 sample positions.

The full article can be read here.

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