by KatieM on Aug 20, 2013

Although buying a used laboratory evaporator gives you the possibility of saving some money upfront, often times the savings do not offset the cost of fixing the used instrument later on.  In most cases, buying a brand new laboratory evaporator is actually a more cost efficient option.  Preparing a sample that is free of contaminants is the goal of any analytical chemistry organization.   The last thing you want is to do is worry that the second hand sample concentrator you bought may be jeopardizing your operation.  

by KatieM on Aug 2, 2013

6 Tips for Purchasing a Laboratory Evaporation System: Any time you need to purchase high end laboratory equipment, the sales process can be very stressful. Sales representatives are looking to fill their quotas in order to receive their commissions and to reach production goals. In order to make sure that you get the best deal on the right sample concentrator, make sure you ask these six questions in order to potentially save thousands of dollars while also making sure you are ordering the best possible instruments for your specific lab and testing methodologies.

Nitrogen Generator
by dgoliva on Jun 27, 2013

Organomation presents one of their most advanced accessories to date, a newly revamped Nitrogen Generator.  This compact unit will provide laboratory technicians with their own source of nitrogen for reduced cost and increased productivity.

Concentrator tube 20 ML
by KatieM on Jun 21, 2013

Organomation has added a new 20 ml vacuum insulated concentrator tube to their glassware product line (Cat# GP2244). These tubes are compatible with water baths including Organomation’s solvent evaporators and extractors.

Nitrogen Evaporator - Automatic 20 Position
by KatieM on Jun 7, 2013

Organomation unveils the company’s new Automatic 20 Position Nitrogen Evaporator. This latest addition to the company’s widely successful N-EVAP product line allows for automatic operation to save laboratory technicians time while reducing human error.

Nitrogen Evaporator - Automatic 20 Position
by KatieM on May 24, 2013

4 of the most common misconceptions given about nitrogen evaporators as polled by Organomation Associates, Inc. customers and clients over the past 50 years.

Nitrogen Evaporation - 12 Position N-EVAP
by KatieM on May 10, 2013

The US EPA Method 1699, a method to analyze several different pesticides in water, soil, sediment, biosolids, and tissue by HRGC/HRMS, uses the Organomation N-EVAP nitrogen evaporator to concentrate extracts before analysis.

Solvent Recovery Instrument
by Anonymous on Feb 14, 2013

Organomation, a leading manufacturer of laboratory evaporators, has released a new state of the art website