Sulabsa demonstrates Organomation laboratory evaporator at Expoalimentaria Fair in Peru

Organomation’s exclusive Peruvian distributor, Sulabsa, joined more than 560 exhibitors at Expoalimentaria Fair, an international business trade show that offers food and beverage, machinery, containers and packaging, and services to foreign trade. 

Buyers from five continents gathered and generated business opportunities for Peruvian companies, such as Sulabsa, that distribute American made brands.

While at the show, Paola Cueva, General Manager of Sulabsa, and her team, demonstrated how Organomation’s popular 24 position N-EVAP® nitrogen evaporator works. 

For over 60 years, Organomation has been providing nitrogen blowdown solutions for laboratories across the globe.

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(Photo: Organomation distributor, Paola Cueva, General Manager of Sulabsa (left), talks with an attendee about Organomation’s popular line of N-EVAP® nitrogen evaporators at Expoalimentaria Fair in Peru. Credit: Sulabsa)