Single Channel Smart Evaporator

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C1 Smart Evaporator
C1 Smart Evaporator

Organomation has partnered with BioChromato to offer the Smart Evaporator to customers across North America. The Smart Evaporator is a novel blend of vacuum and blowdown evaporation, using Vacuum Vortex Evaporation (VVE) Technology and a patented spiral plug to concentrate high boiling point solvents with all the traditional benefits of nitrogen blowdown evaporation.

Solvent vapors are drawn up through the center of the unique spiral plug using a vacuum. The vacuum also pulls air or nitrogen gas into the tube through the spiral groove, creating a vortex to speed evaporation. Purge the unit with nitrogen gas to further increase evaporation speed, especially for harder-to-evaporate solvents.

The plugs are tapered, allowing several different vials to be used with the same plug. A choice of five interchangeable plugs accommodate small volume samples in tubes with a mouth between 4 and 32 mm ID. Each evaporator comes with one plug of choice included.

Samples are heated in a small aluminum bead bath, programmable up to 100 °C. Because of the application of vacuum and increased surface area created by the vortex, the evaporator can handle solvents such as DMSO and DMF with boiling points far above the maximum bath temperature. Since the tube is constantly stirred by the vortex and is never fully under vacuum, there is no danger of bumping.

Concentration in the Smart Evaporator is easy—simply set the temperature and desired flow rate, load the vial, and let the Smart Evaporator do the rest.

Standard Features:

  • Tapered plug allows several different vial types to be used with one plug
  • Built-in aluminum bead bath, programmable up to 100 °C
  • Enclosed design allows solvent to be trapped and recollected
  • Complact design saves valueable bench space

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  • Additional spiral plugs:


Inner diameter of
sample tube mouth

pump flow rate


4-7 mm

13 L/min


7-11 mm

15 L/min


11-17 mm

30-33 L/min


15-24 mm

50 L/min


24-32 mm

58 L/min