GS2161: Round Flask, 125ml 2 each

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Cat# GS2161, 125 ml round flask glass set
Cat# GS2161, 125 ml round flask glass set

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Description:  This is a glassware set for one position of a 125 ml S-EVAP-RB.  This glassware set allows for individual collection of solvent at each sample position.  The parts included in the glassware set are listed below.


Included in GS2161:

  • GP3215 (Quantity 2): Standard flat bottom flask 125 ml, for 24/40 joint
  • GP2212: Hopkins condenser 375mm with side arm for individual collection flask, for 24/40 joint
  • GA2273: Glassware clip for 24/40 joint


Compatible with:

  • Cat# 12060*, Cat# 12090*, Cat# 12008*


*Adapter rings must be purchased separately.