BC Children’s Hospital utilizes MULTIVAP blowdown evaporator in metababolic research

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Children’s Hospital are using Organomation’s 80 position MULTIVAP for the evaporation of volatile solvents and concentration of samples. The dry heat block maintains the warmth of their samples to minimize evaporative cooling allowing for faster evaporation of solvents under an inert gas (nitrogen) to prevent oxidation of sample components

Organomation’s MULTIVAP is just one of the advanced analytical equipment BC Children’s Hospital uses to measure a diverse range of biological samples for members of the UBC’s research institute, any other UBC organization, other universities and academic institutions, or industrial partners.

To learn more about BC Children’s Hospital Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition, please visit www.bcchr.ca/metabolomics.

To learn more about Organomation’s nitrogen evaporator solutions, please visit www.organomation.com.

(Photo: Researchers at the University of British Columbia Children's Hospital are using Organomation's 80 position MULTIVAP for metabolomic research. Photo credit: BCCR)