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    The ROT-X-TRACT-LC is designed to accommodate up to eight (8) Corning Accelerated One-Step apparatuses. The Corning Accelerated One-Step extraction apparatus combines continuous liquid-liquid extraction and concentration into one step. A modified Friedrichs condenser is used to reduce overall height to accommodate traditional laboratory hood specifications; however, Allihn condensers can be substituted per customer request.

    The hydrophobic membrane allows the organic solvent to circulate through the 1-liter sample bottle continuously until the extraction is complete. By incorporating a stop-cock assembly and 3-ball Snyder column, the Corning One-Step extractor can both extract desired analytes as well as evaporate solvent from the end by-product within the same cycle.

    The Corning One-Step extractor comes with an electronic side control box which enables the operator to program specific bath temperatures and time cycles to stay in compliance with the designated methodologies.

    Multiple Simultaneous Extractions

    Extract and concentrate up to eight samples at once

    Easy Sample Access

    The instrument rotates allowing all samples to be accessed from the front

    Fewer Connections

    One water supply line in, one drain line out


    Digital control option allows for exact temperature regulation


    • Stainless steel construction

    • Stepped bath rim and cover disk seals steam chamber

    • Each condenser water line attached to centrally located water manifold

    • Side control box

    • Water flow meter

    • Laboratory grade materials stand up to organic solvents


    • Stop cock to switch to sample concentration after extraction is complete

    • 1 L sample bottle

    • J-shaped Snyder column

    • Hydrophobic Corning membranes (sold separately)

    • In-line KD flask for optimum heat transfer

    • Vacuum insulated concentrator tube


    • All associated glassware

    • Positive pressure type Z purged bath (Option Code -Z)

    • 240V wiring and plug (Option Code -2)


    Amy & David CTA


    Instrumental Name ROT-X-TRACT-LC
    Instrument Catalog Number 11318
    Instrument Name Corning Accelerate One-Step Extractor
    Max No. of Samples 8
    Bench Space 24 x 19 x 42 in
    w x d x h 61 x 48 x 107 cm
    Attached Control Box for Power & Timer Standard
    Glassware 1000ml GS3380
    Extractor Type & Size Corning One-Step 1000 ml
    Solvent Flask Type & Size In-Line KD 100 ml
    Concentrator Tube Insulated Tip
    Type & Size 10 ml 19/22
    Snyder Column Type J Tube
    Condenser Type Cold Finger 45/50
    Solvent Collection Flood Extractor Standard
    Hydrophobic Membrane Standard
    Water Bath Catalog Number B3101
    Bath Model Number 16169
    Bath Inside Dimensions 16.0 x 8.5 in
    Diameter x Depth 40.6 x 21.6 cm
    Bath Outside Dimensions 24 x 19 x 10 in
    w x d x h 61 x 48 x 25 cm
    Water Flow Meter 0-3.0 lpm
    Heaters Total Watts 1600 w
    Bath Temperature Range 30 - 100 C
    Bath Temperature Accuracy +/- 2 C



    • P1332: O-rings for S-EVAP/RXT water manifold

    • GA3446C-20: Membranes Corning for Accelerated One-Step extractor, pkg of 20

    • All associated glassware

    • Bath cover disks