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    • Flexible Blowdown Evaporators

      Flexible Blowdown Evaporators

      The N-EVAP is a unique parallel blowdown evaporator ideal for concentrating a range of samples. Each model includes an adjustable sample holder and independent gas flow control to optimize evaporation.

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    • Large Batch Evaporators

      Large Batch Evaporators

      The MULTIVAP evaporator provides uniform evaporation across large batches of samples. Models are available for 9 beakers up through 100 small vials.

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    • Compact Microplate Evaporators

      Compact Microplate Evaporators

      Organomation MICROVAP evaporators are affordable and compact, fitting easily in any lab space. The MICROVAP can accommodate both 96 well microplates and small batches of tube samples.

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    • High Speed Solvent Evaporators

      High Speed Solvent Evaporators

      Organomation high speed solvent evaporators easily dry down large volume samples in round or Kuderna Danish flasks. All models are equipped with solvent collection capabilities to reduce laboratory solvent emissions.

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    • Laboratory Extractors

      Laboratory Extractors

      The ROT-X-TRACT extractors eliminate chaos and wasted time by allowing for up to 8 or 10 extractions to be performed simultaneously in a single bath, with a single water manifold.

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    • Nitrogen Generators

      Nitrogen Generators

      Find the perfect nitrogen generator for your blowdown evaporator. Organomation generators are specifically designed with evaporation in mind.

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    Getting Started

    Not sure how to get started when it comes to finding your sample preparation solution? Start with the materials listed below which will walk you through the beginning steps of learning what laboratory evaporators are and the benefits they can offer.

    1. Is solvent removal a bottleneck in your sample preparation?
    This article explains the negative effects of drying down samples by hand, and how laboratory evaporators can minimize these effects.

    2. Evaporation method recommendation tool
    Now that you know the benefits to laboratory evaporators, use this tool to find which type will best suit your needs. 

    3. What is nitrogen blowdown?
    Organomation specializes in nitrogen blowdown evaporators. This video explains the basics of what nitrogen blowdown is and how it speeds up the evaporation process. 

    4. The differences between our blowdown evaporators
    Organomation has 3 main product lines, the N-EVAP, MULTIVAP, and MICROVAP. This article will explain the differences between these product lines, and when each is recommended. 


    Unique problems require
    unique solutions

    If you have a unique application which would benefit from a modified Organomation product we want to hear from you. We can provide you with a custom quote on an instrument setup designed specifically to meet your lab's needs. Please contact a sales technician to let us know how we can help.

    Custom Solutions

    If you have a unique application which would benefit from a modified Organomation product we want to hear from you. We can provide you with a custom quote on an instrument setup designed specifically to meet your lab’s needs.

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    Trade-In Program

    Since 1959, we have manufactured long lasting, versatile instruments which have aided laboratories worldwide. We wanted to say thank you to our faithful customers by offering an instrument trade in program.

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    Extended Warranties

    We take pride in our product quality and strive to make sure each evaporator ships without blemishes or defects. In the event that something does go wrong, however, all of our instruments come with at least a one year standard warranty.

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    Organomation was founded by Dr. Neal McNiven, who foresaw the need for sample preparation instruments required for chromatography.


    A second model was introduced, the twenty four position N-EVAP. With updates in design, features and materials it is still one of the most popular products offered. Frequently, we see examples of both of these early models still in use today.


    In 1980, Organomation constructed its current headquarters and manufacturing plant in Berlin, Massachusetts. The emphasis at the time was on research and development to expand the product line.


    Evaporation was not the only need in sample preparation. Feedback from laboratory researchers indicated strong demand for extracting an increasing number of samples. The ROT-X-TRACT extractors for solid and liquid samples were developed to meet this demand.


    We now offer over 20 different bench-top instruments for both evaporation and extraction. Associated glassware and accessories fill out our complete solutions. The newest instruments incorporate automation to make sample processing faster and easier.


    Our quality instruments are highly respected worldwide. They have a reputation for being well made, reliable and low maintenance laboratory appliances. Because of their long expected operating life they are very cost effective solutions for today’s busy laboratories.

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