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Q: What does a nitrogen evaporator do?

A nitrogen evaporator delivers a stream of nitrogen to the sample. This decreases the amount of excess solvent and increases the level of dryness to make the sample more concentrated.


Q:What type of evaporation does your N-EVAP line perform?

Our N-EVAP product line uses nitrogen blowdown to evaporate excess solvent.


Q:What is the difference between a dry bath and a wet bath?

A water bath has more accurate temperature control. The water bath has a temperature range of 30°C-70°C. The dry bath is able to test at higher temperatures of 30°C-130°C, but there is less accurate control over the temperature.


Q:Can I control individual positions?

All of our N-EVAPs have valves for nitrogen control at each position. All of the MULTIVAPs have valves for nitrogen control of each row.


Q:What gas pressure should I run my instrument at?

Our instruments run most effectively with gas pressure at around 30psi (no more than 40psi).


Q:How many sample positions can I run?

The N-EVAP comes in 6, 12, 24, 34, or 45 positions. Our automated N-EVAP has 20 positions. The MULTIVAP water bath option comes in 64 or 100 positions. The MULTIVAP dry bath option comes in 9, 30, 48, or 80 positions. The MICROVAP comes in 96 (single plate or triple plate), 15 or 24 positions.


Q:Why should I choose Organomation?

Our instruments are competitively priced, highly durable, and time tested. The individual sample control provides efficiency and reduces waste.


Q:What do I need to operate the instrument?

Our instruments require a source of electricity, nitrogen gas, and water (except dry bath models). For S-EVAP and ROT-X-TRACT, glassware is sold separately.


Q:What size test tubes can I use with your instruments?

Nitrogen evaporators can accommodate test tubes with volumes ranging 10-50ml and diameters ranging 10-30mm. Our MULTIVAPs have custom made racks and can be made to accommodate a wide range of test tube sizes. If purchasing a MULTIVAP, please specify test tube diameter and height.


Q:Does the equipment require hood space?

Our instruments do not come with a ventilated hood. If materials being used are volatile the instrument may need to be used within a fume hood. Please refer to MSDS or speak to a laboratory manager for proper handling of specific materials.


Q:What does an S-EVAP do?

The S-EVAP is a solvent evaporator. The system is designed to remove and recover solvent. The S-EVAP holds 250ml or 500ml flasks or KD extraction flasks. The apparatus removes and recovers the solvent and concentrates the samples in the bottom of the flask or the KD flask.


Q:What does a ROT-X-TRACT do?

The ROT-X-TRACT is used to run the extraction process and accommodates the Soxhlet or KD extraction units.


Q:What do I do if my instrument breaks?

Please send us an email at sales@organomation.com. Any pictures you can include of the problem will be helpful.


Q: Can I buy replacement parts?

We do sell replacement parts for our equipment. Please contact our sales department at sales@organomation.com for a parts quote.


Q:Is installation included in the instrument cost?

We do not provide on-site installation.


Q:How can I get more information on a product?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or visit the products page on our website.


Q:Is any training required/provided to use the instrument?

Our instruments are easy to use and do not require any advanced training.


Q:Do you sell nitrogen gas?

We do not sell nitrogen gas tanks. If you would like a quote for a nitrogen generator, please contact the sales department.


Q:Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured at our headquarters in Berlin, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Q:Do you offer discounts?

We strive to provide all of our customers with the lowest prices possible. However, we do offer distributor discounts on a case by case basis. Please contact the sales department at sales@organomation.com for more information.


Q:Can I sell my older instrument back to Organomation?

We purchase used instruments based upon condition. Please contact sales@organomation.com for more information.


Q:Does Organomation sell through distributors?

Although we encourage our customers to buy direct, we do have both domestic and foreign distributors. Please send an email to sales@organomation.com for a custom sales quote.


Q:What is the standard warranty on instruments?

Our standard warranty for instruments is 1 year parts and labor. The warranty is only valid after submission of the warranty form.


Q:Can I purchase an extended warranty?

Yes, please contact sales@organomation.com for a quote.


Q:Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

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