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Here you will find options to help find the evaporator or extractor that will best meet your laboratory’s needs. These sections will provide you with relevant information regarding our instruments and their uses. If you are unable to find what you are looking for in this section, please email sales@organomation.com.


What does a nitrogen evaporator do? How long will it take to evaporate my sample? What will I need to operate my instrument? Visit our FAQ to find out the answer to these and other frequently asked questions.

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Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators, solvent evaporators, and solvent extractors have a wide range of applications. The nitrogen evaporator family includes N-EVAPs, MULTIVAPs, and MICROVAPs. These product lines are available in water bath and dry bath models and can accommodate a wide range of samples for concentration by nitrogen blow down. The solvent evaporators include the S-EVAP-KDs and S-EVAP-RBs, which provide a variety of sample configurations for concentration by solvent distillation. Finally, the solvent extractors include the ROT-X-TRACT-Ls, ROT-X-TRACT-Ss, and the ROT-X-TRACT-LC. The solvent extractor units allow for simple and efficient extraction of analytes from a variety of matrices. The applications below are a sampling of popular methods for each instrument family. For specific questions about use of our instruments with your method or application, please contact a representative at sales@organomation.com.


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