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Organomation is proud to represent the latest applications of our products and the critical research done by our customers. Our nitrogen blowdown evaporators, solvent evaporators, and solvent extractors are used in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental, academic, and toxicology. Below are some of the latest applications of our products, some featuring published & standardized methods, and some highlighting the unique practices of individual labs. For specific questions about use of our instruments with your method or application, please contact a representative at sales@organomation.com.


PFAS Analysis

  • Concentrations of PFAS in Human Placental Tissues Associated with Birth Outcomes
    Study to determine if the concentration levels of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in a women's placental tissue is associated with birth outcomes such as birth weight, gestational duration, etc. An Organomation Teflon-free N-EVAP evaporator was used to concentrate the PFAS samples prior to purification using Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE).

  • Method Development for Determining PFAS Substances in Multiple Food Matrices
    Study to develop an efficient method for determining 21 different perfluorinated and 10 different polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) within different food matrices (fish, pizza, chicken nuggets, and spinach). An Organomation Teflon-free 111 N-EVAP was used to dry down samples ahead of SPE and LC-MS/MS analysis. 


Environmental / Water Testing




Pesticide Analysis

  • Development of Multiresidue Method for Endocrine-Disrupting Pesticides
    Developing an analytical method for detecting toxic endocrine-disrupting pesticides such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides in the drinking water from Hangzhou, China. Organomation's 112 N-EVAP was used to concentrate the water samples ahead of solid phase extraction (SPE) and UHPLC-MS/MS analysis. 

Food / Beverage

  • Quantifying PCBs in Cereals
    Development of a new rapid strategy for quantifying 18 harmful polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in cereals which have led to increasing health concerns by dispersive solid-phase extraction (SPE). An Organomation 112 N-EVAP was used to evaporate to nearly dryness the supernatant of the samples ahead of GC-MS analysis.

  • Effect of Cooking Methods on Amphenicols and Metabolite Residues in Meat
    Study on the effectiveness of cooking methods (boiling, deep-frying, microwaving) to properly reduce drug residue concentrations in poultry and other meats to safe consumption levels. An Organomation 112 N-EVAP was used to evaporate the supernatants to dryness prior to SPE purification, HPLC, and mass spectrometry analysis. 



  • Detection of Trace Organic Chemicals in Human Serum & Plasma
    Comparing a QuEChERS extraction method to a traditional SPE sample preparation method for both a targeted and nontargeted analysis of trace organic contaminants in biological samples. An Organomation 118 MULTIVAP was used to concentrate the samples involved in the SPE method prior to final analysis.


  • Non-Targeted Screening of 50 PPCPs in Lettuce and Corn
    Developing a metabolomics-based analytical method for detecting pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) in plant-derived foods which can easily absorb the residues from soil with animal manure as a fertilizer. An Organomation 112 N-EVAP was used to dry down the plant samples prior to UHPLC-MS/MS.


  • Competing Metabolic Pathways for 5F-APINACA on Quantitative Kinetics
    Understanding the steady-state kinetics and metabolism of indazole, an organic compound found in many synthetic cannabinoids, which can later be used to interpret and predict abuser outcomes from these illicit drugs. After centrifugation of the samples, an Organomation single plate MICROVAP was used to concentrate them down prior to MS analysis. 

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