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Nitrogen Generator


The NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator is designed to satisfy the needs of the LC-MS and sample preparation fields. The NITRO-GEN+ is compatible with all Organomation nitrogen evaporators up to 100 sample positions, along with most LC-MS analyzers on the market. It relies on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate nitrogen from the air. The unit uses molecular sieves to remove oxygen, water, and trace hydrocarbons, leaving a stream of high purity nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of this Carbon Molecular Sieve technology along with high and low pressure compressors.

This unique technology allows the nitrogen to be produced at a low pressure and an ambient temperature, eliminating the need for high pressure cylinders which can be dangerous for the technicians handling them. The low pressure also ensures a longer compressor life, which reduces the time and money spent on regular maintenance. The generator's simple installation and operation combined with its superior reliability makes the NITRO-GEN+ a staple in any laboratory.


Integrated air compressors eliminate the stress of sourcing an appropriate compressor to run your generator


Nitrogen produced at low pressure and ambient temperature removes hazards associated with high pressure cylinders


Noise level when generator is running is 55 dBA at 1 meter


The constant, uninterrupted gas supply eliminates delays in analysis when changing out gas cylinders


  • Integrated low noise, oil free compressors

  • On-demand supply 24/7

  • Proprietary carbon molecular sieve technology

  • Complete "plug and play" LC-MS solution

  • Two-year complete product warranty or 8,000 hour run-time warranty



  • All Organomation evaporators up to 100 sample positions

  • Most LC-MS analyzers on the market


The NITRO-GEN+ is brought to you in partnership with VICI DBS.



Amy & David CTA


Instrument Name NITRO-GEN+
Instrument Catalog Number NA1935
Flow Rate Up to 35 L/min
Nitrogen Purity

Up to 99% purity at a flow rate of 25 L/min
Up to 98% purity at a flow rate of >25 L/min

Dewpoint -58 °F
-50 °C
Technology Carbon molecular sieve (CMS)
Warm Up Time 20 minutes
Output Pressure 0 - 116 psi
0 - 8 bar
Electrical Requirements 110-120 V, 60 Hz / 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Total Wattage 1800 W
Index of Protection IP20
Mechanical Impact Rating IK08
Noise Level 55 dBA at 1 meter
Overall Dimensions (w x d x h) 18.9 x 33 x 25 in
48 x 83.8 x 63.5 cm
Weight 198 lbs.
90 kg
Outlet Connection 6 mm OD compression or 1/4"
Certification CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant)
Warranty Term 2 years or 8,000 hour run-time
Environmental Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature 59-95 °F
15-35 °C
Relative Humidity

0-80% rF with no condenser
0-99% rF with condense drain

Altitude <2,000 m (from 800 to 1,150 hPa)