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Which Organomation Instrument Is Right for You?

What is Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

Common Nitrogen Evaporator Misconceptions

6 Tips for Purchasing a Laboratory Evaporation System

Laboratory Evaporators: Buying New vs. Used

Nitrogen Generators: Everything You Need to Know

N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporator Configurations and Options

MULTIVAP Nitrogen Evaporator Configurations and Options

MICROVAP Nitrogen Evaporator Configurations and Options

S-EVAP Solvent Evaporator Configurations and Options

Solvent Collection for S-EVAP Solvent Evaporators

How to Measure Sample Vials for a MICROVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

How to Measure Sample Vials for a MULTIVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Nitrogen Evaporators: Making Sample Concentration Easier and Greener (From the April 2015 edition of Lab Manager Magazine)

Continuous Solvent Recovery Option for the S-EVAP Laboratory Evaporator

How to Know Which Instrument Model you Need

Addressing Your Lab's Specific Needs


Sample Preparation Guides

Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation Guide

Chromatography Sample Preparation Guide

Nitrogen Generators: Everything you need to know


Instrument Usage Guides

Optimal Operating Conditions for Sample Concentration through Nitrogen Evaporation

Preventing Sample Contamination in an Evaporation System

Optimum Temperature in a Nitrogen Evaporation Instrument

Factors Impacting Gas Flow in an N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Determining Optimal Gas Flow in an N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Chart of Common Solvents and their Properties

The Difference Between Gas Pressure and Gas Flow in a Nitrogen Evaporator

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