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Do I Need a Sample Concentrator?

Evaporating samples by hand, one at a time? Take this short quiz to find out if a sample concentrator would benefit your lab.

Evaporation Method Recommendation

Looking to purchase a sample evaporator for your lab? Take this short quiz to find out which evaporation method will work best with your application. 

Sample Evaporator Product Finder

In need of a blowdown evaporator for your lab? Take this quiz to find out which of Organomation's blowdown evaporators is best for your application. 

NITRO-GEN Payback Period Calculator

Wondering if a nitrogen generator is more affordable than using nitrogen cylinders? Take this short quiz and find out what your payback period would be based on your lab's nitrogen usage.

How Long Will My Evaporation Take?

Want to know how long it will take to dry down your samples in a nitrogen evaporator? Take this quiz to find out in just 3 questions!

What is my evaporator worth?

Find out how much your evaporator is worth, and how much you could save on the purchase of a new instrument by participating in our trade-in program.

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