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64 Position MULTIVAP
Nitrogen Evaporator


The 64 position MULTIVAP nitrogen blowdown evaporator is a water bath model. This instrument contains a rectangular gas distribution system mounted on a frame and dual post assembly. The manifold delivers nitrogen gas to the needles or glass pipettes, which direct the gas onto the sample’s surface. This method results in rapid solvent evaporation and sample concentration. In order to conserve nitrogen gas, the manifold has a toggle switch for every row of 8 samples, which allows individual rows to be shut off when evaporating batches of less than 64 samples. Nitrogen gas flow is also controlled by an adjustable flow meter and a built-in pressure regulator.

The 64 position MULTIVAP parallel evaporator uses a heated water bath to reach evaporative temperatures ranging from 30°C to 100°C. Sample racks are customized within a range of 11-30 mm for the user’s sample size. Please specify sample size (outside diameter and length to nearest 0.1 mm) when placing an order. All models can withstand contact with organic solvents; however acid resistant models are also available for use with corrosive solutions.


Evaporate batches of up to 64 samples, with outside diameters of up to 30 mm


Digital controls allow exact temperature regulation

Optimum Heat Transfer

The water bath provides even heating and optimum heat transfer up to 100°C


Uniform evaporation across all samples with no adjustment needed between runs


  • Adjustable flow meter, 0-25 lpm

  • Dual band hoist spring assembly

  • High temperature limit switch for safety

  • Safety control cover plate

  • Digital temperature controller

  • Electronic timer

  • Nitrogen filter

  • Gas distribution manifold

  • Built-in pressure reducing regulator

  • Needle guide


  • 220v wiring harness (Option Code# -2) 

  • Z-Purge/intrinsically safe purge case (Option Code# -Z) 

  • Acid resistant coating on instrument and needles (Option Code# -RT)


Instrumental Name 64p N-EVAP
Heater Type Water Bath
Instrumental Catalog Number 11364
Number of Sample Positions 64
Overall Dimension (w x d x h) 19 x 17 x 34 in
48 x 43 x 86 cm
Sample Holder Layout Square
Gas Manifold Layout 8 x 8 Array
Center to Center Spacing Between Positions 1.3125 in
3.33 cm
Test Tube Diameter 11-30 mm OD
Gas Flow Control On/Off Valve Every row of 8
Gas Flow Meter Range 0-30 L/min
Stainless Steel Needles
(Length & Gauge)
4.0 in x 19 ga
102 mm x 19 ga
Needle Guide Standard
Hoist Assembly Dual Pulley & Band Springs
Needle Guide Standard
Built-in Gas Regulator Input 30-110 psig
Acid Resistant Coating (Option Code -RT) Optional
OA-SYS Heating Device Specifications
Model Number 11196
Inside Dimensions
(Diameter x Depth)
11 x 11 x 5.5 in
28 x 28 x 14 cm
Outside Dimensions
(w x d x h)
19 x 17 x 7 in
48 x 43 x 18 cm
Total Wattage 1100 W
Temperature Range 30-110 °C
Temperature Controller Type Digital Electronic with LED Display
Controller Accuracy +/- 2 °C



  • Custom sized racks (cat# NA1360)

  • Pasteur pipette adapters (cat# NA0636, cannot be used with needle guide)

  • Luer plugs (cat# NA1307)

  • Various needle sizes and gauges