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    34 Position N-EVAP
    Nitrogen Evaporator


    Our 34-position nitrogen evaporator (cat# 11634) offers a large number of sample positions, without compromising any of the classic N-EVAP features. This time-tested, durable system provides one of the least expensive prices per position of all our N-EVAPs. The evaporative system, along with the standard flow control and pressure reducing regulator, enables the operator to achieve the desired level of concentration with efficient nitrogen usage. Our unique dual band spring hoist assembly ensures easy and effective operator use.

    Additionally, the 34 position N-EVAP includes a side control box, which provides timed and digitally controlled water bath temperatures to produce even evaporation rates. The pressure regulator and timer combine to allow timed automatic gas flow cut off which slows evaporation to a minimum once the timed cycle has been completed. In order to prevent damage to delicate samples, the timer also provides the option for the heat to shut off once the cycle is complete.


    N-EVAP nitrogen evaporators combine nitrogen blow down with a heated bath to gently concentrate delicate samples


    An adjustable sample holder design fits a wide variety of sample tubes and vials at once


    Digital controls allow exact temperature regulation

    Individualized Control

    Optimize evaporation of diverse samples with individual gas flow control at each vial

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    • Nitrogen filter

    • Adjustable flow meter, 0-30 lpm

    • Built-in pressure reducing regulator

    • Side control box

    • Digital temperature controller

    • Electronic timer

    • Safety control cover plate

    • High pressure phthalate free tubing

    • High temperature limit switch for safety

    • Dual band spring hoist assembly

    • Precision needle valve tube assembly

    • Needles, 4-inch x 19 gauge with brass plated hub and stainless-steel shaft


    • 220v wiring harness (Option Code# -2) 

    • Z-Purge/positive pressure purge case (Option Code# -Z) 

    • Acid resistant coating on instrument and needles (Option Code# -RT)


    Amy & David CTA


    Instrumental Name 34 Position N-EVAP 34 Position N-EVAP
    Bath Type Water None
    Instrumental Catalog Number 11634 11634-O
    Number of Sample Positions 34 34
    Overall Dimension (w x d x h) 24 x 19 x 34 in
    61 x 48 x 86 cm
    19 x 17 x 32 in
    48 x 43 x 81 cm
    Sample Holder Layout Circular Circular
    Gas Manifold Layout Single Ring Single Ring
    Test Tube Range (Standard Sample Holder) 10-30 mm OD 10-30 mm OD
    Gas Flow Meter 0-30 L/min 0-30 L/min
    Stainless Steel Needles (Length x Gauge) 4.0 in x 19 ga
    102 mm x 19 ga
    4.0 in x 19 ga
    102 mm x 19 ga
    Built-in Nitrogen Gauge Input 30-110 psig 30-110 psig
    Sample Tray Lift Mechanism Dual Band Spring Hoist Assembly Dual Band Spring Hoist Assembly
    Rotating, Leak Tight Gas Fitting Standard Standard
    Acid Resistant Coating Optional Optional
    Heating Device Specs
    Model Number
    13165 n/a
    Heating Medium Water None
    Inside Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) 16.0 x 4.5in
    40.6 x 11.4 cm
    Outside Dimensions (w x d x h) 24 x 19 x 6 in
    61 x 48 x 15 cm
    Total Wattage 1300 W n/a
    Bath Temperature Range 30-90 °C n/a
    Temperature Controller Type
    Digital Electronic with LED Display n/a
    Controller Accuracy +/- 2 °C n/a
    Side Mounted Control Box with Timer for Nitrogen & Heat Standard n/a


    Catalog Number Bath Type
    11634 Water
    11634-O No Bath*

    *All “-O” models come with a base and stand assembly instead of a heated bath. These instruments are designed for evaporation procedures performed at ambient temperature.


    • Nitrogen generator (cat# NA1955)

    • Pasteur pipette adapters (cat# NA0636)

    • High temperature silicone fluid (cat# NA1240)

    • Various needle sizes and gauges


    • P0627: Valve Tube Assembly – Post 1997

    • P0607: Luer & washer for N-EVAP valve tube

    • P0634: Tube Fitting nylon 3 part for N-EVAP valve tube