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Claind Laboratory Generators


NiGen Micro
Nitrogen Generator


The NiGen Micro is capable of distributing 4 L/min at a purity of up to 99.5%. It is ready to be connected to a dedicated AirComp compressor, and parallel connection allows for up to 4 stackable generators in a tower configuration. It features a CPU with touch screen display, which can be linked to a generator using CAN-BUS. This enables monitoring of the operating status and provides access to the maintenance menu, alarm reports, and functional parameters.


PSA Technology 

High purity nitrogen guaranteed by Pressure Swing Adsorption  

"Fast Purity" Technology

Claind's "Fast Purity" technology allows high purity nitrogen to be delivered quickly.

Parallel Connection

Connect up to four stacked generators in a tower configuration. 

Touch Screen Display

CPU with touch screen display connectable with CAN-BUS


  • Modular configuration

  • Claind's PSA Technology

  • Easy, "plug and play" integration with the dedicated Brezza series air compressor AirComp

  • "Fast Purity" patent allows delivery of high purity nitrogen in a short time 

  • Parallel connection allows for up to 4 stacked generators in a tower configuration

  • CPU with Touch Screen Display (connectable with CAN BUS) allows you to monitor the operational status 

  • CPU also has an Ethernet output for PC connection 


Instrument Name NiGen Micro
Flow Rate 4 L/min 
Technology Employed Claind's Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Fast Purity Process
Output Pressure

0 - 87 PSI

0 - 6 bar

Purity up to 99.5%
Moisture < -50 °C dew point ATP +/- 2 °C ATP
Air Input Characteristics

Particulate ≤ 0.01 µm
Oil vapors ≤ 0.01 mg/m^3 
Moisture ≤ 3°C dew point ATP
Min pressure : 8 bar
Min flow rate: 18 L/min

Electrical Supply  115/230 V
+/- 10% 50-60 Hz 50 w
Protection Index  IP20
Noise < 50 dBA for 98% of operation time
< 60 dBA for 2 sec. each cycle
Operating Temperature  41 °F - 95 °F (5°C - 35°C)
Environmental Humidity 

maximum of 90% without condensation

Maximum Altitude 

2000 meters above sea level

6561.68 feet above sea level


Height: 18.6" (47cm)

Width: 14.9" (38cm)

Depth: 20.8" (53cm)


62lbs (28kg)

Pneumatic Connections

Compressed air inlet: G 1/8" female

Nitrogen outlet: G 1/8" female

Warranty  2 years


Amy & David CTA



  • AirComp oil free compressor

  • CPU: User interface with touch screen display Brezza version

  • Installation kit

  • Maintenance kit for 8,000 or 16,000 running hours




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