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Claind Laboratory Generators

Nitrogen Generator


The N2 PICO comes with a purity analyzer and pressure regulator to allow for real-time monitoring of the nitrogen purity. It has a nitrogen storage tank for ease of use, allowing you to avoid the buffer tank.  It features a digital control system that can be interfaced with company IT systems. If the nitrogen used is less than the amount produced, the generator automatically goes into energy-saving stand-by mode. A humidity and oil particle analyzer mounted on the suction line prevents impurities from passing through, protecting the operation of the generator and quality of the gas produced. E941 food purity option allows for different calibrations in order to meet specific customer needs.



Air consumption is minimized thanks to the FAST PURITY® system. Enhanced efficiency allows for higher purity.

Easy Installation

Electronic control and pre-set programs allow for a fast and easy installation process. 

Hands-Off Operation 

The generator is able to work unattended and independently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Custom Nitrogen Purity 

The nitrogen purity can be set according to customer and application requirements. 


  • Claind's PSA Fast Purity technology

  • Oxygen analyzer and pressure regulator included standard

  • No buffer needed -- one vessel is both the buffer and consumption nitrogen reservoir

  • Fast and easy installation thanks to electronic control with pre-set programs

  • Can safely work unattended and independently 

  • Automatically goes into stand-by mode if the production flow exceeds consumption 

  • Nitrogen purity can be set according to application requirements 

  • Digital control board allows data sharing through protocols such as MODBUS, MQTT, and HTTP



Instrument Name PICO
Technology Employed

Claind's Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Fast Purity Process

Inlet Air Specifications

Min Air Pressure 6.5 bar

Max Air Pressure: 13 bar

Quality: dry, clean, exhalation free

Must meet ISO 8573-1 Class 1.4.1 specifications

Nitrogen Outlet Pressure

1.5 bar lower than the inlet pressure


 -50°C dew point ATP 

Electrical Supply 115 V +/- 10% 60 Hz
230 V +/- 10% 50 Hz 
Power Rating


Protection Index   



≤ 60 dB (at 1 m from generator)

Operating Temperature  5 ÷ 40°C

Height: 54.3" (138 cm)

Width: 15.7" (40 cm)

Depth: 51" (130 cm)


PICO 3: 507 lbs (230 kg)
PICO 4: 595 lbs (270 kg)
PICO 5: 683 lbs (310 kg)
PICO 6: 771 lbs (350 kg)


Amy & David CTA



Model Outgoing Nitrogen Flow at 8.5 bar, CMS 20°C [Nm^3/h]
99.999% 99.99% 99.9% 99.5% 99% 98% 97%
N2 PICO 3 1.5 2.5 5.4 8.6 10.4 13.8 16.1
N2 PICO 4 2 3.3 6.9 11.5 15 18.4 20.7
N2 PICO 5 2.3 4.0 9.2 14.4 18.4 23 26.5
N2 PICO 6 3.5 5.0 10.4 17.3 21.9 27.6 31.1


Air/N2 6.45 4.80 3.70 2.80 2.65 2.50 2.40




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