15 Position MICROVAP

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11815, 15 position MICROVAP
11815, 15 position MICROVAP
  • 11815, 15 position MICROVAP
  • 15 position nitrogen blow down manifold
  • Sample Block inserts for 15 position MICROVAP and 48 position MULTIVAP
  • NA1815 block heating aluminium for MICROVAP 11815

The 15 position MICROVAP evaporator is intended for small batch solvent evaporations, such as concentrations of sample groups in microcentrifuge tubes.  It offers an effective and compact evaporation solution for samples in life science and pharmaceutical laboratories.  

Each MICROVAP uses minimal hood space while providing optimal temperature control for high and low boiling point solvents. The 15 position MICROVAP comes standard with stainless steel luer lock hubs and 4 inch x 19 gauge stainless steel needles for easy removal.

Up to 15 samples can be accommodated at once, and the instrument comes customized for one sample size with an outside diameter of 10-22mm.  If multiple sample sizes will be used with the instrument, inserts can be purchased for each additional sample size.  

Each of the sample blocks and inserts are customized  to your samples for a precise fit and optimum heat transfer.

Since these inserts and heat blocks are made-to-order, we will request that you deliver us three sample vials for each unique vial size upon placing an order for a 15 Position MICROVAP.  In situations where shipping sample vials to Organomation is not possible, we need precise measurements of your sample vials to be taken as illustrated in this guide.

The digital temperature controls and solid aluminum heating unit provide uniform heat up to 130°C with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. A version without heat is available for evaporations that will be performed at ambient temperature.




    • Compact design: The MICROVAP product line has the smallest footprint of all of Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators
    • Ease of use: Temperature and gas levels are easily set using the digital temperature controller and gas flow meter
    • Versatility: Quickly converts to a 24 position MICROVAP or single position MICROVAP microplate evaporator using dry block and gas manifold conversion kits


Standard Features:

    • Adjustable flow meter 
    • Digital temperature control 
    • High temperature limit switch 
    • High pressure tubing 
    • 4 inch x 19 gauge needles  
    • Nitrogen filter
    • Anodized aluminum dry block 


Optional Features:

    • 220V wiring harness (Option Code -2)
    • Z-Purge/intrinsically safe purge case (Option Code -Z)
    • Manifold and stand only; no heating platform (Option Code -O)