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    Nitrogen Generator


    The NITRO-GEN generator was developed with Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators in mind to provide nitrogen generation for sample concentration. The generator is lightweight and easy to set up, requiring only a source of compressed air to run. This unit is an ideal choice for labs with an in-house compressed air source.

    The generator uses a hollow-fiber membrane to convert compressed air to a stream of 95-99% pure nitrogen gas. The hollow-fiber membrane consists of a series of narrow, semipermeable tubes in a porous membrane. As compressed air travels through the fibers, oxygen and water vapor permeate the membrane and are vented off, leaving a steam of high purity nitrogen gas. At up to 99% purity, the resulting nitrogen gas stream can be used in a variety of sample preparation applications.

    NITRO-GEN 20

    The NITRO-GEN 20 produces up to 20 L/min of nitrogen gas and is recommended for evaporation of up to 48 sample positions. Download the brochure here.

    Compact and Lightweight

    Small footprint conserves valuable lab space

    Simple Setup

    Easy to pair with any Organomation blowdown evaporator; no additional tubing or connectors required


    Provides nitrogen gas at a fraction of the cost of nitrogen cylinders and competing generators

    No Electricity Required

    Generator runs off of pressure provided by the compressed air source

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    • Adjustable outlet pressure regulator, 0-100 psi

    • Dual Stage clean air filtration system

    • Requires an oil-less compressed air source


    Sarah & Connor CTA


    Instrumental Name NITRO-GEN-20 
    Instrument Catalog Number NA1955
    Flow Rate Up to 20 L/min
    Technology Hollow-Fiber Membrane
    Output Pressure Adjustable 0 - 100 psi
    Electrical Requirements None
    Total Wattage N/A
    Noise Level Negligible (< 40 dBA when connected to an instrument)
    Overall Dimensions (w x d x h) 9.5 x 8 x 19.5 in
    241 x 203 x 495 cm
    Weight 13.25 lbs.
    6 kg
    Warranty Term 1 Year
    Inlet Air Conditions
    Max Inlet Pressure 150 psi
    10.3 bar
    Particulates ≤ 0.01 µm
    Max Oil Vapor Content < 0.01 mg/m3
    < 0.01 ppm (w)
    Relative Humidity < 100% (non-condensing)
    Heating Device Specs
    Temperature 36-122 °F
    2-50 °C
    Ambient Pressure Atmospheric
    Air Quality Clean air without contaminants