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How to Measure Sample Vials for a MICROVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Organomation has specialized in manufacturing nitrogen evaporators for over sixty years.  The company’s 15 and 24 Position MICROVAP laboratory evaporators are intended for small batch solvent evaporations, such as concentrations of sample batches in microcentrifuge tubes. These instruments are light, compact and digitally controlled for ease of use.  The uniform evaporation provided by the system stems from the block inserts which are expertly customized to your sample vials.  These inserts are designed to have a snug fit around your sample vials for optimal heat transfer. 

Measuring Sample Vial

Typically, Organomation technicians drill inserts and heat blocks so that approximately 7 mm of the sample vial is sticking above the insert. This provides the operator with enough room to seize the sample vial without burning themselves while the insert or heat block covers the majority of the vial for the best heat transfer possible.

If you desire a different set up, i.e. you want more of the test tube to stick out above the insert, please inform an Organomation Sales Technician when placing your order.

Since these inserts and heat blocks are made-to-order to your vial specifications, we will request that you deliver three sample vials for each vial size upon placing an order for a 15 or 24 Position MICROVAP.  One set of custom sample inserts comes standard with each 15 Position MICROVAP, and a customized heat block.  However, if you plan on ordering an additional set of inserts or heat block which will enable your MICROVAP to process samples of a different size, we will need sample vials of both sizes in order to fit your inserts.

In situations where shipping sample vials to Organomation is not possible, we need precise measurements of your sample vials.  We recommend using digital calipers to generate these measurements.  If digital calipers are not available, measurements provided by a mechanical micrometer are also acceptable. 

The goal is to arrive at the largest outside diameter of three or more sample vials, rounded up to the nearest 0.1mm. 

    1. Slowly spin the sample vials to find the widest part, measuring only the section of the 
        sample vial which will go into the insert

    2. Repeat this process with several sample vials because the height and outside diameter
        can vary by a few tenths of a millimeter between sample vials

    3. Contact an Organomation Sales Technician and inform them of the largest measurement
        of the height and outside diameter of your sample vials

Do not worry about oversizing the dimensions once you have measured your vials. Organomation technicians will drill the inserts slightly wider than the diameter of your sample tubes to allow for thermal expansion, so your vials will not get stuck in the instrument.

Check out our Youtube video demonstrating how to measure your test tubes to fit your MICROVAP Nitrogen Evaporator.


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