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Solvent Collection for S-EVAP Solvent Evaporators

One of the shortcomings of traditional organic extraction procedures is the large volumes of solvent evaporated with no procedure for collection and proper disposal.  The lack of an efficient solvent recovery process can lead to health and environmental hazards, as volatile organic solvents are released into the environment.  Recently there has been increased regulatory scrutiny over these hazardous air pollutant emissions due to fears of jeopardizing the health of the people in the surrounding residences, hospitals, and schools, as well as workers.  Organomation's S-EVAP solvent evaporators with solvent collection condense and collect excess solvent into individual or central collection flasks, so that it can be disposed of properly. Limiting emissions is key for the health of people and the environment and is an important first step for any laboratory to "go green".

The S-EVAP-RB evaporator and S-EVAP-KD evaporator are each capable of up to 97% solvent recovery

S-EVAP-RB and S-EVAP-KD evaporators are available with certain numbers of sample positions.  The number of positions corresponds to how many samples they can process at the same time:

  • 5 Positions for 500ml flasks
  • 8 Positions, for either 250ml flasks or 500ml flasks
  • 10 Positions for 250ml flasks

The S-EVAP-RB evaporators with 8 and 10 Positions can accommodate 125ml flasks with the use of adaptor rings.

There are two ways solvent can be collected in S-EVAP evaporators:  Individual and Central Collect.

Individual collectionCat# GS2153_500ml KD individual collection

  • Individual collection is available for all S-EVAP options, and features
    collection vessels at each sample position
  • Allows the solvent from each sample position to be analyzed separately
  • Green clips allow collection flasks to be removed with ease

Pictured: Catalog #GS2153, 500 ml KD glass set, individual collection


Central CollectionGS2158-C10--Central collection

  • Central collection is available for S-EVAPs with KD flasks. With one
    centrally located collection vessel, this option is usually selected for its
    compact benchtop footprint
  • Solvent can be drained from the central collection flask through a siphon
  • Collection flasks can hold either 2.5L or 4L of solvent depending on the

Pictured: Catalog #GS2158-C10, Central collection flask and tubing



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