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Claind Laboratory Generators

Nitrogen Generator


The DOMINUS NL uses high-quality CMS resulting from 40 years of research and testing in collaboration with specialists in the field. An automated filling system ensures higher density and better generator reliability than a conventional system. Included Eco mode minimizes air and energy consumption thanks to automatic process time adjustment and proportional phase modulation relative to the nitrogen withdrawn. The machine will go into automatic stand-by mode if the nitrogen flow is greater than the flow drawn in. The process is manually adjustable in order to maintain the desired degree of purity. The DOMINUS NL provides continuous nitrogen availability without the need for supervision or user activity with the benefit of pre-set operating programs. Includes a nitrogen shut-off valve allowing for flow management according to purity and pressure levels, as well as symbiotic use with other supply sources.

The DOMINUS NL features a long lasting, high sensitivity oxygen analyzer and is equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic touch screen display to view operating parameters and maintenance alerts. It also comes with access to the Claind4You portal, allowing for remote, secure, and independent control of the unit. Flexible communication with external systems using MODBUS, MQTT, and https protocols, allows for full integration and control. 

PSA Technology 

High purity nitrogen guaranteed by Pressure Swing Adsorption and high quality molecular sieves.  

Hands-Off Operation 

No need for supervision or user activity due to pre-set operating programs.  


Minimal air and energy consumption thanks to the included Eco Mode.  

Automated Filling System 

Ensures higher density and better generator reliability than conventional systems.


  • CMS: High quality molecular sieves resulting from 40 years of research and testing 

  • Eco mode and stand-by: Automatic adaption of the process time and modulation of the phases

  • Reliable and safe: Continuous and autonomous availability, equipped with shut off valve

  • Compatible with other supply sources 

  • Smart remote management using Claind4You



Instrument Name DOMINUS NL
Technology Employed

Claind's Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Fast Purity Process

Inlet Air Specifications

Min Air Pressure 6.5 bar

Max Air Pressure: 15 bar

Quality: dry, clean, exhalation free

Must meet ISO 8573-1 Class 1.4.1 specifications

Nitrogen Outlet Pressure

lower than 1.5 bar 


 -50°C dew point ATP 

Electrical Supply 115 V +/- 10% 50 Hz
230 V +/- 10% 60 Hz
Power Rating


Protection Index   



≤ 64 dB ( Measured at 1 m, SPD not required )

Operating Temperature  5 ÷ 40°C
Pneumatic Connections

G 1 1/2" Female 

Inlet air and N2 to tank


Height:  18.6" (239cm)

Width: 14.9" (77cm)

Depth: NL 1: 25.5" (65 cm)
NL 2: 37" (94 cm)
NL 3: 48" (122 cm)
NL 4: 59.8" (152 cm)
NL 5: 71.2" (181 cm)
NL 6: 82.6" (210 cm)


NL 1: 1763lbs (800 kg)
NL 2: 2293lbs (1040kg)
NL 3: 2822lbs (1280kg)
NL 4: 3351lbs (1520kg)
NL 5: 3880lbs (1760kg)
NL 6: 4409lbs (2000kg)


Amy & David CTA



Model Outgoing Nitrogen Flow at 8.5 bar, CMS 20°C [Nm^3/h]
99.999% 99.99% 99.9% 99.5% 99% 98% 97%
Dominus NL 1 12 17 26 35 40 50 58
Dominus NL 2 23 35 52 70 80 101 116
Dominus NL 3 35 52 78 105 119 151 173
Dominus NL 4 47 69 104 140 159 202 231
Dominus NL 5 58 86 131 176 199 252 289
Dominus NL 6 70 104 157 211 239 303 347


Air/N2 5.1 4.2 3.2 2.65 2.45 2.2 2.05



  • Digital flow meter with signal connection to generator

  • Compressed air monitor for continuous air quality monitoring, temperature and dew point sensors, and automatic non-compliance mode in case of contamination




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