S-EVAP Solvent Evaporator Configurations and Options

    Organomation's S-EVAP evaporators quickly evaporate large volumes of solvent, leaving dry or concentrated samples for analysis or further processing.  There are many options to choose from when selecting an S-EVAP evaporator.  Instrument models are available for processing either Round Bottom flasks or Kuderna-Danish (KD) flasks. Different models can evaporate up to 5, 8, or 10 samples at a time. Both the S-EVAP-RB evaporators and the S-EVAP-KD evaporators can be equipped with individual solvent collection glassware, and the S-EVAP-KD evaporator has the option of central collection as well.  For information about which flask sizes can be accommodated by each unit, please visit the individual product pages.

    Heating Unit:

    • Water bath - A water bath is the most common choice and is what comes standard with an S-EVAP evaporator. It can heat samples to 30-100°C, and provides the most even heating.
    • No bath (-O option) is for customers who are in possession of a -DC S-EVAP evaporator and would like to retrofit it for solvent collection.
    • Bath for Flammable Solvents (-Z option) is recommended for use with flammable solvents.  This option is offered for labs that work with highly flammable materials.  The Z-purge (-Z) reduces the classification from Division 2 (Zone 2) to unclassified/nonhazardous.  Purging is a world-wide accepted protection concept from explosion.  Explosion protection is achieved by keeping the potentially explosive atmosphere away from any source of ignition.  A small flow of nitrogen into the bath pan creates a slight positive pressure gradient inside the bath case. As the nitrogen leaks back out, the bath is continually purged. Highly flammable materials such as petroleum ether, ethyl ether and acetaldehyde should not be used unless the Type-Z Purge positive pressure bath option is installed and running.


    • We sell instruments all over the world, and therefore we can build your instrument for the correct wiring for your lab, no matter where you are located.  Wiring other than the standard US 110v requires cat# -2 option.  There are many different types of plugs.  North America, Europe, China and India all have their own type of plug--- and we can build them all.

    There are also other options that can be added to an S-EVAP, including:

    Nitrogen Manifolds:

    Our nitrogen manifolds are for S-EVAPs with round bottom flasks.  The nitrogen injection option was designed for evaporations that will be going to dryness.  The nitrogen flow helps to dry out the round bottom flask completely so that it can be weighed, as in oil and grease analysis.

    Nitrogen Manifold 2Models:

    Option Code -N: Nitrogen manifold with tubing and connectors for an 8 or 10 position S-EVAP

    Laboratory Chillers:

    A chiller is necessary to cool the condensers.  When the solvent vapor hits the cooled condensers, it condenses back to a liquid, allowing the solvent to be collected. The following recommended chillers are versatile, stable, and reliable.

    Cat# 17760-C2T 120v, 13.7a, 13.25lpm 20-100psi, 600w at 10 degrees C, up to 12 condensers
    Cat# 17760-C3T  120v, 16.3a, 13.25lpm 20-100psi, 990w at 10 degrees C, up to 18 condensers
    Cat# 17760-C5T  120v, 17.4a, 13.25lpm 20-100psi, 1290w at 10 degrees C, up to 24 condensers


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